Family’s Guide To E-Learning: The Best Laptop To Buy

In choosing the best laptops for your family, it doesn’t always have to be the cheapest ones on the market. Yes, budget laptops are an excellent choice, especially for students who are economical and practical. However, paying an extra amount of cash for additional useful features can become quite advantageous. Of course, students do not entirely need a super-powered type of laptops for e-learning. But considering a small price addition for a convenient and useful application is all worth it. But before we get into the top laptop picks, let us first check out some of the helpful tips you should consider before the purchase.


Function – One reason for purchasing a laptop has a lot to do with purpose. For students in the family who will take e-learning, their laptops should have all the necessary functions for easy usage. These include display screen, keyboard, speakers, data storage device, touchpad or mouse, processor, operating system, and memory. Though some of the mentioned computer parts are not that necessary, it is still essential that you understand the most vital parts that make laptops and computers run smoothly.

Convenience – Another thing to consider when buying a laptop is convenience. Though the category is quite broad, some specifications under it are still mentionable. First on the list is the weight. Depending on the student that will use the laptop, your family should consider an easy-to-carry one. Avoid laptops that are bulky so that your family won’t have to deal with the hassle when moving its place or keeping it away after use.

Price – Most laptops nowadays have a lot of built-in features. If the built-in applications are quite useful for your family’s e-learning classes, you might want to consider purchasing one for a reasonable price. However, since technology is now focused more on the upgrades of software for the gaming experience, you might want to check out your budget. That is because purchasing a gaming laptop for e-learning won’t entirely make a difference in terms of basic functions. It will only add quite an unfriendly increase in budget.

Now that you know the three vital things to consider before purchasing a laptop, let us now proceed to the top laptop picks.


HP Chromebook 14 – The HP Chromebook 14 is not exactly a high-end laptop, but it indeed delivers a wide array of outstanding digital performance. This laptop might be the least on your choice, but its function is to ensure the maximum experience on performance, entertainment, and connectivity. The mechanical components are well-equipped that promises to open possibilities when it comes to multitasking. It supports a responsive experience to further ensure less inconvenience when it comes to extended hours of use. It also has a straightforward operating system that focuses on getting you online as easy and quickly as possible. Thus, it can potentially become an excellent choice when it comes to digital interaction.


Acer Aspire 5 – The Acer Aspire 5 laptop is not just sleek, but a definition of convenience and style. But the most interesting part of the device is the display. It comes with a standard 15.6 inches full definition widescreen. It has a LED-backlit IPS display that provides a clear visualization of anything you see on the screen. From the color to pixel, everything is accurate. It is an excellent choice for e-learning since it delivers a fully-functioning graphics without the issue of overdoing its mechanical components. It is a sophisticated budget-friendly model that genuinely provides an amazing performance. Aside from that, it can promise to stay fully reliable even on an entire workday. It can endure 8 to 9 hours of battery function, giving your family the ultimate maximum use.


Asus Zenbook – The Asus Zenbook is a laptop that can attract you in so many ways. Not on its thin looks and sleek design primarily, but also in its overall performance level. It is a laptop that offers very powerful hardware out of an affordable price. It delivers a sturdy performance along with its impressive list of specifications. Its size and weight is entirely convenient for easy carrying and storing. And when it comes to e-learning use, the Asus Zenbook provides vision comfortability due to its wide viewing angle that covers up to 178 degrees. It also supports faster and easy connectivity due to its 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. Although some features may not seem to be that groundbreaking, this laptop’s overall performance is undoubtedly above the average.


There are a lot of amazing computers out there to choose from. These three laptops are just some of the computers you can consider for your family. In case these don’t fit your preference, you can always look for the best laptop that suits your needs. Just remember that your choice of items should serve its purpose, provide your convenience, and fits your budget.

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