Productivity Tools Best For Your Work-From-Home Setup


The emergence of COVID-19 in the world transformed our ways of working. More and more companies are now shifting to a work-from-home (WFH) set up to ensure the safety of their employees.

“People are putting in even more work hours working from home during this crisis. This phenomenon is especially troubling since research shows that employees working from home are particularly prone to burnout; boundaries and focus are important preventatives,” reveals Dr. Erlene Grise-Owens, LCSW.

To avoid experiencing too much stress in this kind of setup, you need to organize your schedule. Being organized leads to a more balanced approach to your work. With these in mind, here are the best productivity tools for your WFH setup.


Slack is probably one of the best collaboration tools out there. You can use this platform to communicate, converse, and connect with your co-workers.

What’s unique about this tool is that it can create different channels depending on the topics and projects. It is up to you who to invite in these channels. For instance, you can create a channel for your marketing conversations while the other can be for HR issues.

Aside from this, it also allows you to send each other files, videos, images, and texts. You can also integrate different platforms, such as Google Drive and DropBox, so it’s easier to share relevant documents.


Freedcamp is a user-friendly project planning platform for project planning. It has features where you can share your to-do tasks and project files and converse with other team members. You can also sync your Google Calendar with this so that it’s easier to organize and plan your day.


It also provides other add-ons that no other productivity tool does for FREE. For instance, it gives you access to advanced features such as CRM and creating invoices for clients. This app is most helpful for those individuals who have still haven’t had their business systems organized.


There is a considerable tendency to stay out of focus when working from home. The reason behind this is that your bosses or supervisors are not physically there with you to keep track of your moves.

With this, you’re more comfortable doing things your way. You get to access Facebook anytime, and you get to Tweet your thoughts every time something pops out.

To address this, you can use online time tracking software, specifically Toggl. It can access your online activities, and it presents these data to you quickly and understandably. Using the information you have from here, you will be able to review whether you’re spending your time wisely.

Take note that there is no device restriction for Toggl. You can install these on your cell phone, tablet, and even your work computer!


If Toggl still has not solved your focus issue, then it’s time to take this to the next level through Freedom. Freedom is a platform that can block distractions on your devices. You have the option to lock the sites that you want, or you may set a time where you’re only allowed to access them.

It will help you if you want to be productive.



One of the most time-consuming tasks when working from home is managing your email. Because of the inflow of messages to your computer, you almost spend the bulk of your time answering these. If you want to speed up your email tasks, Streak can be your go-to tool.

First, Streak allows you to monitor your email. It will send you a notification once your recipients have opened your message. It is helpful when it comes to follow-up emails. If you see that they have not yet accessed it, then you won’t have to bother them with another email.

It also has an email scheduler. It gives you the freedom to write emails now but send them at a later time automatically! You may also create your email templates dedicated to repetitive emails.


If your work requires you to monitor and manage various social media accounts, then make sure to ask the help of HootSuite. It is a one-look dashboard where you can watch all your accounts in one window.

Don’t be overwhelmed by it since its interface is very user-friendly. It lets you delegate social assignments to your other teammates, schedule posts, measure online performance, and organize lists and online followers.

Yes, you might prefer working-from-home at the start. However, as time passes by, you might realize that there are also cons to it. Just find the perfect balance between the professional and personal aspects to maximize this kind of setting. Who knows, these productivity tools can be a start!