Computer Hacking: How It Affects Lives


The 2017 computer programmers’ seminar presented a lot of innovative programs that can be useful in a lot of ways. There’s the presentation of programs for security, software developments, educational and industrial purposes, as well as entertainment. But one of the topics that capture my interest is the fundamentals of computer hacking. Allow me to summarize some of the detailed information on how it can affect lives.  

Identity Thief

One of the main issues with the internet is its legitimacy. That is why most programmers are trying their best to create security features that can somehow stop hackers from stealing other person’s social information. Yes, there is progress in that. However, some thieves are just smart enough to still find a perfect victim. Once a person’s identity gets stolen, that individual may lose everything. He might get into trouble for committing a crime he was not aware of doing.


Fraudulence, or better known as a scam, is one of the largest syndicate in the world. Computer hacking can benefit from it using a redirecting website. Usually, it is where hackers send a link to someone. On that links, there’s a program that attempts to take personal information such as a username and password. Getting that information may be used to access financial information. In most cases, the hacker or scammer uses it to purchase items on the internet using the victim’s financial records.


Internet Security

Since a lot of people are active on the internet, no one is safe from computer hacking. Though I must say, not all hackers are malicious. Some hackers are doing it for fun and sometimes, just for experiments. Some hackers work with the government as well. But with regard to these people’s computer skills, putting up confidential information on the internet can be a bit dangerous.

Being a victim of hacking can take a toll to your mental health. In these cases, you can seek help from online counseling platforms like BetterHelp. They also provide support in popular social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

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