Blue Screen Of Death: A Computer’s Bane

Making sure that your PC is free from an excessive number of files or programs is vital to run your computer efficiently. The problem starts to arise when you think that merely deleting an infected folder, opening an email with an attachment, or visiting online sites without virus protection will not put their PC health at risk. By doing this, it will be like abusing your computer. Thus, you get higher chances of experiencing error codes and, unfortunately, the Blue Screen of Death.


What To Do

If you see your computer lagging and even freezing often, then you should take a deep, calming breath already and think of cleaning it. What you need to remind yourself is that you have to bring your PC back to its original, smoothly-working shape. An essential thing that you can do is to run the Recovery Console and use it to repair installation. However, if it does not help much, maybe you should do the last option: reinstall your OS.

But before doing that, you need to back up any important file that you have in your current operating system. If you must know, it will all get entirely deleted when you finally reinstall your OS. When you have already reinstated your preferred software, install the necessary programs alone. You will need free space when you put your old computer documents back in the PC. For most cases, a significant system cleanup can suffice. However, if your computer contains folders after folders of various photos, music, and files, it is high time to learn how to manage your folders.

How To Organize Digital Folders

Think of it as budgeting or cost-cutting or simply being thrifty. Any computer has finite space, so you have to be good at minimizing your folder count as much as possible. You can achieve this by categorizing your files according to which main folder they belong to. This way, you won’t have a hard time browsing through many documents to find what you’re looking for.

How To Deal With Slow PC

On the other hand, if the PC tests your patience whenever it takes forever to boot-up and shut-down, try to look at the bottom-right part of your system tray. You may see if some unneeded applications are running that you are not aware of. You may also want to disable each of them and deselect the Autostart function. The next time you log into your computer, therefore, only the ones you genuinely use will be running. Furthermore, do all of these while your antivirus is enabled.


On that account, it is safe to say that having at least one antivirus program installed on your computer is a must. There are a few ones that home users can use for free. Still, you can invest in multiple antivirus packages to ensure that PC issues like crashing, freezing, and Atapi.sys blue screen errors cannot infect and affect your computer.

You should know that a lot of error messages can get easily fixed if you have an excellent cleaning registry tool. Uninstalling a program may not be able to wipe it off thoroughly, but running a good registry cleaner may be able to do the job.


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