The Effects Of Technology To Mental Health


Technology has indeed ruled over the world. It did so many wonders in terms of work efficiency, speed, accuracy, communication and have provided so many types of convenience to mankind. With this, it is not a wonder if everyone would like to experience it for themselves. Technology also became people’s lifestyle that they cannot accomplish anything without it. But despite all the benefits technology is capable of giving. Still, there are flaws attached to it. And one thing that was uncovered is that it harms people’s mental health.

There is a study at Duke University that claimed that there is a correlation between too much use of technology and having ADHD conditions. However, there is also a claim that there is a percentage that people were able to surpass the occurrence of ADHD because of the use of gadgets.

A conclusion that the frequent usage of Facebook can deprive the person from being happy and from experiencing life to the fullest. This is from a study conducted at the University of Michigan.

University of Gothenburg researchers stated that people who use their phones too much are more likely to have depression.

A study in Australia revealed that the use of the internet might lead to the deterioration of mental health.

Swansea University study revealed that the heavy usage of the internet could lead to psychological problems and users experience withdrawal once they stop using the said.

Other than these findings, other interesting facts were uncovered.


Because of the speedy widespread of technology usage, it is not a wonder that researchers had a hard time to cope up. Up until this moment, researches are still ongoing and more facts will be revealed. But despite all that was published already, yet, the use of phones and tablets will continue since it is the most effective means of communication these days.

But since the use of the gadgets as mentioned earlier can still bring in inconvenience in terms of mental health, Tim Ferriss suggested the following tips:

  • Check your lifestyle. If you don’t need your phone that often, detach from it now and then and only make use of it if it is essential.
  • Try leaving your phone for one day a week.
  • Discipline yourself and learn to use your phone at moderate pace and frequency.

Always remind yourself that your mental health is as important as your physical health. That is why it is a must that you take good care of it, not from time to time, but all the time.

Is Technology Bad Or Good For Mental Health

Despite the alarming findings of some studies on the effect of technology on human mental health, still, some people are reluctant in accepting this idea. That is why further write ups and studies are now being conducted to find out the real effect of technology on mental health.

Some Facebook and Google employees are now out and starting an awareness campaign so that people around the world will have an idea on the real effect of technology on people. They want to warn parents as well on the impact of social platforms on people’s mental state. A popular technologist can also testify about the adverse effects of technology on mental health.

The changes bought by technology was embraced by people; that is why it is now part of the culture. It is also part of a person’s daily living that it is as if people cannot live without the wonders bought by technology.

The rapid increase and changes had drastically changed the world that along the positive attributes bought by technology, the negativities also surfaced.


The Suffering Due To Technology

The usage of smartphones amongst youngsters elevate the chances of having disorders like ADHD. This notion was supported by several studies. While some studies claimed that social media platforms are effective in lifting people’s mood. The use of smartphones’ relation to depression is still questionable, but there is this idea that smartphones isolate a person from his surroundings and the real world. And as a result, he gets lonely and eventually worsens to depression.

The Prosperity Bought By Smartphones

Technology helps people with mental health problems. Some innovations and apps can be of help to people with conditions.   These apps can be of help to people treat their conditions even without much intervention from a therapist. It can be used as an add on intervention.


The pros and cons of technology are weighed by mental health professionals over the years already. It was previously identified and compared already.

Bottom line, the effect of technology is extreme, and the impact on the recipient comes in a case to case basis. Mental health treatment is not cheap. Thus, it is best to protect yourself from it than undergo the painful process of recovery.

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