Best Tech Advancements Highlighted During The 2016 Los Angeles IT Conference

Going to the 2016 Los Angeles IT Conference was the highlight of my year back then. Being a techy person, I have always known that anything can change overnight. I am also aware that even the most prominent news outlets cannot talk about the new technological innovations as great as the people who worked on it. Hence, it was a privilege to be able to join that event a couple of years ago and listen to some of the brilliant folks in the industry talk about the best tech advancements made during that year.

Some of these creations include:


1-TB SD Card

One of the most significant contributions we saw in 2016 was the production of the 1-terabyte SD card. Portable storage units are essential, especially for individuals who have files or software to keep on the go. It offers more convenience than its flash drive counterpart since you only need to bring a tiny item with you.

Neural Dust

Engineers from Berkeley created micro-sized sensors during the same year that are meant to stimulate neural fibers and muscles. Each one is no bigger than a dust particle, which is a feat that nobody has ever accomplished before. It does not require power too; that’s why it should work well in any environment.


Amazon Prime Air Delivery

Lastly, it was in 2016 when Amazon used their autonomous drone for the first time to deliver a package to a customer as soon as that person sent an order. This process did not seem possible in the past, but the company turned the dream into reality by setting up warehouses in various parts of the country. The result was that the package got delivered in minutes.

Final Thoughts

The 2016 tech advancements paved the way for more creators and IT geniuses to develop newer products and services that we can all take advantage of. Learn more about them now.

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