Brace Yourselves For Technological Advancement

We are living in a time when everything around us has an upgrade. We always look forward to what the technology geniuses have to offer, and as someone who uses a computer and other devices on a daily basis, I am one of those who anticipate nothing but the best of what science has to offer. As per the Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, federal investments in the digital sector could reach up to $95 billion this year, and the public will spend up to $3.4 trillion on digital services by 2020. Let us look at what technology has in store for us.

What Are The Technological Trends That Will Change The World?

  1. Artificial intelligence is not new to our ears. It was many years ago since its introduction, but only at this time that it’s making its progress, entering all the aspects of life. AI supported applications are gaining funding, making way for new ideas to better human experience. We are now approaching an AI world where some jobs are at risk of AI take over, particularly the labor field. It is the time in history when artificial intelligence will rise and become the pillar of technology.
  1. Some of us may have an idea about blockchain and Bitcoin. They establish the concept of decentralization. It aims to distribute power and risk equitably in a network. There are several platforms such as Gameflip and Filecoin. They have ingenious methods of improving the business world by finding an alternative to intermediary parties. There are also other platforms such as SparkleCoin which is influencing blockchain by driving consumers to purchase products and services from online stores with the use of cryptocurrencies.
  1. We are now indeed in the digital era. As you look around, notice how technology has taken over. This generation has witnessed the leap of technology, seeing the birth of different types of devices from phones to tablets to computers and laptops to smart TVs and watches and more. We can say that technology nowadays is more of a necessity. It is life, and there is no other way for it to go but forward.
  2. By now, we all understand the power and importance of the internet. Somehow, it correlates with the stability of a country. If a place has fast internet, it is a sign that it is stable and wealthy. We are now experiencing 4G network where we can access banking, shopping, information, and swiftly, but experts are now looking on 5G network, and there is no word to describe this advancement yet but with a “Wow. Can’t wait.” With its speed, imagine the progress it can do to a business.
  3. Companies are starting to invest in Chatbots. Instead of getting people to face their customers for assistance and complaints, it serves as a tool for companies to communicate. Expect them to be programmed to address particular issues surrounding the products and services, saving more time and workforce. Companies can then embed Chatbots on their websites or social media pages, creating convenience and open communication for their consumers.

Technology has taken over our world, and somehow, new inventions don’t surprise us anymore. Instead, we anticipate them. We have a high expectation on what it will offer. It has pros and cons, but it depends on each person using it, whether he finds it necessary. Fortunately or not, we have come to the age when only a few will get to decide whether it is beneficial or not. Most of the population has not been around when the world was ignorant of the so-called technology.

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