Top 5 Medical Applications

The internet is full of software applications which can be useful in our everyday lives. They provide the convenience that the things that used to be challenging are now achievable with typing, swiping, and tapping. There are tons of medical applications which can be considered a big leap in the medical world.

Before, we need to visit the doctor’s office to be able to get the information or answers to our questions, but now, we only need a device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop to have access to medical apps which can help us with particular needs.

Top 5 Medical Applications:

  1. Blood Pressure Expert Lite – All in One Guide to Controlling High Blood Pressure

High BP is one of the most common health problems of American adults. It is challenging to maintain a healthy blood pressure because of our lifestyle and the food we eat. This medical application aims to assist patients and give the proper information they need to reduce the risk of stroke.


Features of Blood Pressure Expert Lite:

  • Video clips discussing sections
  • Videos, pictures, and charts explaining all topics about high blood pressure
  • Professional advice on health improvement and reduction of the risk of stroke, and maintenance of normal blood pressure.
  • Questions and answers about high blood pressure

30 questions available in the light version

400 questions available in the paid version

  • BMI Calculator available in a paid version
  • Stroke risk calculator available in a paid version
  1. Health Check – Symptom Checker

Many of us are hesitant to go to the doctor. Whatever our reason is, Health Check is available for us to check which condition matches the signs we are experiencing. We have to input all our symptoms and the severity, and it will give us a list of medical health conditions that match our symptoms in descending order.

Features of Health Check – Symptom Checker:

  • Create a list of symptoms and their intensities
  • Create a list of diseases established using the list of your symptoms
  • Choosing an organ will display the list of symptoms correlated with it
  • An extensive list of medical conditions created by doctors
  • Interactive graphics of the organs in the body
  • Save symptom information as a profile for future use
  1. DiabetesPal

Diabetes is also one of the major problems in America. People acquire this disease due to too much consumption of sugar and sedentary lifestyle. It can be challenging to deal with this illness as there is much monitoring to do. DiabetesPal is a software application for managing diabetes, helping us monitor our health efficiently.

Features of DiabetesPal:

  • Checks value input for accuracy
  • Feedback Mail for problem fix
  • Custom graphs
  • Graphs display of target range and critical range
  • Touchbar Support
  1. Massage Maps: Reflexology

Massage Maps: Reflexology is a software application that aids us in doing massages based on reflexing which uses pressure techniques in regions of the body. These pressure points are connected to our organs, and it is often useful in healing several medical conditions.

Features Of Massage Maps: Reflexology

  • Allows navigations of charts
  • Enable different views of the body maps
  • Shows charts of various body organs and parts
  • Provides a list of the symptoms and organs
  1. Living Lung™ – Lung Viewer

This software application is a real-time 3D anatomical respiratory models. It uses the animated structure for the exploration of the lungs. This application is best for education and further knowledge about the respiratory system.

Features Of Living Lung™ – Lung Viewer

  • All parts of the lungs are color-coded and labeled for easy identification
  • Explore the lungs using several views
  • Allows increase and a decrease of breaths per minute, providing a chance to observe the change in the lung volume

Medical software applications are beneficial to medical students, patients, and doctors. It allows continuous learning and most importantly, it is for everyone. We do not need to study in a prestigious school to know the things that medical people do. However, the use of these apps does not intend to be an alternative to seeking professional help. Seeing a doctor is still the best option when looking after our health.

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