Applications I Wish Existed

The technology aims to make life easy for us. It should reduce all the complications people from back then had to face in their everyday lives. Today, we are benefitting from the innovations created by the most brilliant people. Now, there are software applications which assist us in almost every task possible. As per Statista, there are about 180 billion downloaded applications from the Apple App Store as of June 2017. They vary from business to medical to fashion to cooking to almost everything we can think of.


With the advancement of our lifestyle, I can’t help but think about other things to address. What if we were that genius that everything is possible? I thought of the applications which if existed would have made an enormous difference.

5 Applications I Wish Existed:

  1. An Application Which Would Help Us Win The Lottery 

They say that the chance you would get struck by lightning is higher than the possibility of actually winning the lottery. Let’s face it. Money makes the world go round indeed, and that’s why there are millions of people who are betting. How great it would be if there is an application which would give us a winning combination!

  1. An Application Which Would Allow Us To Read People’s Minds

Have you ever wondered what people think when they are talking to you? Nowadays, people are getting smarter and smarter. They believe everything is a game. Honesty is not a thing anymore, and most people are playing poker face when dealing with others. It would be amusing to find out what your spouse is thinking while you are talking.

  1. An Application Which Would Erase Bad Memories

Terrible things happen, and sometimes one after another. We often watch movies where the villain had a terrible childhood, and because of the maltreatment and lack of love they experienced, they were able to do horrible things. A person could get stuck, never moving on. If people have the chance, an app to erase all the bad memories that are stopping them from living life positively, then all of us have the opportunity to do great things.

  1. An Application That Would Predict The Date And Cause Of Death

I’m not sure if I want this app because like everyone else, I am afraid to know the date and cause of my death. It is such a scary thing to find out, but for those who are brave enough, it would be a chance to cheat death. They could stay away from what should cause them to die and maybe stay safe inside one place at that particular date.

  1. An Application That Detects Crime

Crimes are prevalent everywhere. People kill each other for different reasons. There was a movie called “Minority Report” which featured a PreCrime. They had a way to foresee murder and capture the culprit even before he commits the crime. If we have an app like that, there would be fewer lawlessness in the world.


We, humans, are born curious, that no matter how far we had gone, we refuse to stay. We keep on going up, looking for answers even though we are not sure what questions to ask. We create problems that should have never existed if we were not curious. However, we are indeed the most intelligent creature. Our mind could fathom even the next to impossible matters, and maybe that is why we understand that these applications would pose more harm than good. We know that they would disturb the peace that we are aiming. Somehow, humans are smart enough to know when to step back.




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