Top 5 Cooking Software Applications

How many times do we eat daily? With all the tasks in line, do we have enough time to think, prepare, and cook? Cooking is a struggle for working parents. As much as they want to give their best and make a sumptuous meal for their family, time is their greatest adversary.


Luckily, we live in the day when there are ways we can expedite our concerns. For instance, if cooking is your struggle, you can check and use tons of software applications to help you, meaning you don’t have to be alone in facing your cooking struggles. All you have to is download these apps, and you are on your way to a smoother and more relaxed life.

There are cooking software applications which guide those who are determined but do not know how and where to get the right help for cooking. They somehow give a chance for those who could not go to a culinary school and learn the basics and techniques for making great food.

Top 5 Cooking Softwares Applications:

  1. MacGourmet 2

MacGourmet 2 allows you to download recipes from MacGourmet. It helps in nutritional analysis and meal planning. It’s a software that enables you to sync your downloaded recipes from your computer to other portable devices which means you can browse through it anywhere, but of course, you have to be a Mac OS X 10.7 or later user. This software costs $49.99.

  1. SousChef

SousChef contains an extensive recipe database. It allows you to add and import recipes, too. The remarkable thing about this software is its ten-foot mode where it will enable you to access it even if you are far from your computer, within a 10-foot radius. It will allow a fullscreen display with smooth transitions, and it could be speech or remote-controlled, plus it could read the recipes to you! It is available to Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later users and costs $19.99.

  1. YummySoup!

YummySoup! is another cooking software which offers recipe casts. It has themes for printing and emailing and has a weekly planner, too. It also allows backups, so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your recipes. It offers a language selection: English, French, and Spanish. It is available to Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later users and costs $14.99.

  1. BigOven 

BigOven cooking software allows organizing and saving recipes and creating a meal plan. It also has a grocery list feature which enables you to add items from your recipes onto our grocery list. It is available to MS Windows users but is also available on iPhone. It costs $29.95.

  1. Cookstr

Cookstr is a cooking software which allows you to try the best recipes from famous chefs which you would only find in recipe books. It’s like a FREE trial of the best ideas for cooking, and anyone can have access to world-class cuisines.

Can you imagine how helpful cooking software applications are? They save people who are struggling to serve the perfect dish for the family plus they can serve as a virtual culinary teacher. They give us the power to access the most underrated luxury in the world. People think it’s just food, but it’s a way of life. Food defines who we are, and these cooking software applications take away our excuse to be a lousy one.


Cooking software applications have made life way more manageable for people who love and want to cook. They provide significant help for those who need time and organization skills when it comes to cooking, and let’s face it! Not all of us have the talent of Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver.

We should pay attention to what and how we eat because it directly impacts our health, and as much as we want to ignore it, having to see and eat well-prepared and tasty meals make us feel a lot better. Why not perfect something we do and need in our daily lives?



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