Brace Yourselves For Technological Advancement

We are living in a time when everything around us has an upgrade. We always look forward to what the technology geniuses have to offer, and as someone who uses a computer and other devices on a daily basis, I am one of those who anticipate nothing but the best of what science has to offer. As per the Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, federal investments in the digital sector could reach up to $95 billion this year, and the public will spend up to $3.4 trillion on digital services by 2020. Let us look at what technology has in store for us. Continue reading “Brace Yourselves For Technological Advancement”

10 Mental Health Applications: Tap Help!


For some reason, there is a strong force that stops us from seeking help. People with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression have to deal with the unwillingness to get help. They get trapped in the feeling of helplessness and self-pity that they don’t bother to go to doctor’s appointments. Continue reading “10 Mental Health Applications: Tap Help!”

Applications I Wish Existed

The technology aims to make life easy for us. It should reduce all the complications people from back then had to face in their everyday lives. Today, we are benefitting from the innovations created by the most brilliant people. Now, there are software applications which assist us in almost every task possible. As per Statista, there are about 180 billion downloaded applications from the Apple App Store as of June 2017. They vary from business to medical to fashion to cooking to almost everything we can think of. Continue reading “Applications I Wish Existed”